1. We will be migrating the tiny Cosmostrophy Facebook group over to Word Press at cosmostrophy.com. We don’t expect this to hit the big time any time soon. It’s no top priority, but if the subject fascinates you, please let us know and do participate in the group.

  2. Since your premise is itself a hypothesis, and so is the target of ‘how does’, I suppose any followon hypothesis will do.

    1. The premise is not a hypothesis but an observation. If there is any such thing as an eternity past, then it follows that the point in time now comes an infinite number of years afterwards. Therefore, an infinite amount of time has passed. For an infinite amount of time to pass would take forever, literally. It is the meaning of the statement. The only way to circumvent that fact is to somehow surpass forever. The theory of cosomostrophy, if you want to call it a hypothesis, is that time itself is somehow transcended since the passage of an infinite amount of time without some other means, cannot ever be accomplished. Somehow, this must be harmonized. Bringing God into the question may well be a hypothesis, but not the essence of the question itself, which is simply what the subject is about. It is a question; not a statement. As a question it becomes a subject of inquiry. A subject of inquiry is not the same thing as a hypothesis.

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